Elizabeth Lewis Jewelry Care

Extend the sparkle and shine of your Elizabeth Lewis jewelry for years to come with these tips. Consistency is key and a little care goes a long way! 

 Avoid wearing jewelry in the shower, ocean, pool or while exercising.

 Sleeping in your jewelry - resist the temptation!

 Apply makeup, perfume and hairspray before putting on jewelry as they may interact with metal and stones to cause oxidation and discoloration.

 Polish precious metal with an anti-tarnish cloth. We love this special buffing/polishing one.

 Take extra care when polishing gold plated items.

 Steer clear of jewelry cleaning solutions as they can be highly acidic and strip metal, gemstones and pearl of their natural luster and finish.

 Instead, clean jewelry with a soft, damp cloth and a dab of Joy® Original Formula Dishwashing Soap.

 Metal & gemstones may oxidize & change color if exposed to air, sunlight or extreme temperatures. We recommend storing items in a dark, air-tight environment. 

 For best results, store jewels inside the zippit bag included with your order. Storing jewels in your gift box helps protect them during travel.


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